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About Bee Travel

We wanted to discover, make a difference, surprise people, think outside the box, avoid being 'Old School', keep it simple, rebel, and prove that it’s necessary and possible to convey content through an exciting experience.

With over ten years of experience in the field, the Bee Travel Company maintains a youthful and vibrant spirit, creating and developing content, making sure its group of clients always enjoys the sweet honey we produce in the hive.

In 2015, after more than 10 years under the brand "Doron Tours" (named after company founder Doron Yosha) we changed the brand name to something that better represents us – Bee Travel. To illustrate why we chose the bee to represent us and symbolize the Company values, we’ll share some interesting facts:

To produce sweet honey, bees go on numerous research trips, visiting countless flowers. That’s precisely how we get to know, study, research, and discover the field.

Beehives run in perfect order and exert inspiring teamwork. We believe this is one of the important keys to the success of any project.

High quality honey does not spoil. It is know that in the tombs of the kings of ancient Egypt were found jars of edible honey from thousands of years ago. We never compromise on quality.

We heard that according to the laws of aerodynamics the bee’s weight and body structure does not allow it to fly at all, and yet it still flies and even produces honey. Where there’s a will there’s a way, we will produce and realize your dream.

Today Bee Travel is the country’s top company when it comes to conveying content through experience, organizing and producing day trips, city tours for visitors, trips throughout the country and Jordan.

Our staff

The instructional staff at Bee Travel is carefully selected, with a clear understanding that the “guide makes the trip". The guides are very experienced and know exactly how to motivate and speak to any group in an exciting and accurate manner. You don’t have to fear that it’ll be a heavy or boring. We stand behind our staff and guarantee you 100% success, especially when it comes to complex places like Jerusalem. Our tour guides in Jerusalem specialize only in Jerusalem. They know the people and are well connected. They know where all the secret spots are and they know how to deliver a different, accurate, impressive, and quality experience.

Doron Yosha

Founder and CEO of Doron Tours. Doron is an Israeli tour guide who relishes in getting under the skin of Jerusalem, his home town, as well as getting down and dusty in extended hiking trips in Israel and Jordan. Networking with Jordanian and Old-Jerusalem businesses and officials has given him fluent Arabic, a unique entre to these areas as a group guide and an overall peaceful and cooperative approach to touring this diverse region. Doron is married to Elana, father of Ayal and currently lives in Beit Zayit.
Mail: Doron@BeeTravel.co.il

Dan Haraati

Jerusalem is complex and infinite, and if you want to reach its hard core, you have to invest time and effort in research to find its essence. Our guides have made Jerusalem their expert specialty. This is why they offer the best quality possible.
They are dedicated, they spend a lot of time and thought building new and exciting routes in the city and thus make your experience a unique one when visiting.
We'll be happy to offer you any advice you need when visiting!

Mail: info@BeeTravel.co.il


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