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Jerusalem Urban City Quest – Tresure hunt

An interactive tresure hunts game of O.D.T that combines thoughtful and cool tasks, based on our expertise and vast experience in Jerusalem.
The game is a competitive, strategic, thought-provoking, fun, educational and bonding experience.

During the scavenger hunt in Jerusalem game, you will get to know the city from new and surprising angles, learn new facts and finish off with an added value, while also having a great time.

What is this game all about?

"Discover Jerusalem" is a unique and exclusive game that can be played by few and up to hundreds of participants, which we have designed based on our expertise in quality and experiential content development in Jerusalem!

Each team of 4-7 participants receives a binder that we have created specifically for this activity containing updated high-resolution maps, photos and tasks (that for the time being will remain secretive… )

While playing, you will get to know many sites in varied interactive ways, navigate with ancient maps of Jerusalem and solve all sorts of riddles.

Though not obligatory, an innovative tempo is added through the use of smart phones to scan QR codes, surf relevant websites, email photos, etc.

The game is competitive, interactive and experiential and may include prizes for the winning teams.

The binder is yours to keep as a useful and fun resource well after the game is over. Within it you will find a small gift from us to you.

All the cool photos that participants will send us during the game will be sent back to you, so that you will be left with another great souvenir from the event!


trasure hunt game in jerusalem close to david tower
the amazing race - jerusalem Looking for answers…

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