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We wanted to discover, make a difference, surprise people, think outside the box, avoid being 'Old School', keep it simple, rebel, and prove that it’s necessary and possible to convey content through an exciting experience.
With over ten years of experience in the field, the Bee Travel Company maintains a youthful and vibrant spirit, creating and developing content, making sure its group of clients always enjoys the sweet honey we produce in the hive.

Today Bee Travel is the country’s top company when it comes to conveying content through experience, organizing and producing day trips, city tours for visitors, trips throughout the country and Jordan.

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"It happened with the perfect rhythm" / Olivier Basso

Hi there,
A quick word to tell you that the guided tour with Ram was a great experience for me ! It happened with the perfect rhythm and provided me with a very nice discovery of Jerusalem: I enjoyed a lot the exploration and Ram’s guidance was very relevant with a nice mix of history, architectural reflections and personal insights.

Many thanks for this opportunity !

"We had an unbelievably positive experience" / Lianne Paturel

Hello Doron and BeeTravel Team,
On behalf of myself and my colleagues, we just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful service provided by Ram and Shahar during our private tour of Jerusalem/Dead Sea on Friday May 19/17. We had an unbelievably positive experience – more than what we could have hoped for – due to the excellence of your driver and tour guide. Their care and attention to the details were amazing. Ram was an awesome tour guide – couldn’t have asked for anyone better – not only did he know his information but he delivered it in an engaging manner – it was clear that he had enthusiasm and passion for his job and the topics at hand and covered as much as we could in such a short time. Shahar the driver also stepped in with lots of interesting information while en route to and from the Dead Sea.
I have already mentioned to our Israeli colleagues how much of a positive experience we had – as they will surely have occasion to use your services again for their out of country guests.
Once again, we are grateful and appreciative of the experience – five out of five stars!
From Group of 4 Canadians with 1 day off to be tourists in your beautiful country!
Lianne Paturel
On behalf of Amit Chhabra, David Kuusselka, Carolin Taubensee
P.S. Please note that I have sent a thank you text to Ram and Shahar directly as I do not have their email addresses but do feel free to share this with them!

"for the EXCELLENT job Eldad did on our Via Dolorosa tour" / Garrett Doak

Hi Beetravel,
I wanted to pass along my appreciation and thanks for the EXCELLENT job Eldad did on our Via Dolorosa tour Saturday morning, May 6.
He was very knowleable, had a great sense of humor, and went far beyond just a “this is King David’s tomb,” “this is where the Last Supper occurred” sort of recital.  I really appreciated that he explained the politics and pressures, not only of today, but through thousands of years of human history in Jerusalem.
I definitely would recommend this tour, and Eldad, to others.

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